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Welcome To Mikes Oil, Inc.

When I established Mike's oil, my intention was to bring back the feeling of personal service. Have you purchased oil from those large companies where you have no idea who owns the company, called for service and every time a different service tech. shows up each and every time? Or best of all, when you need service in the middle of the night you come to find you're calling Atlanta or Canada to try and get a service tech.? Often time you're also paying premium prices for your oil and premium labor costs for service.
I make a point to personally meet every one of Mike's Oil's regular customers and try to service every customer myself. Having been in the plumbing and heating trade since 1977, I know a personal service company means that you can feel good about the people delivering your oil and arriving at your house for service.
Mike's oil will deliver your home heating oil at affordable prices, and provide 24hr. personal service for our regular customers; you will feel good about us.
Mike Parker